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Grants & Funding Resources

Speech Language Pathology in Motion believes that all children deserve access to high quality speech, language and feeding therapy.  The  following is a list of grants that may help your family make private speech therapy possible.  Many additional grants are available, and can be accessed through a web search.  We have found that most families who actively pursue funding, when it is needed, are able to find it.  Please do not let financial difficulties stop you from getting the highest quality treatments available.  Contact us if you need assistance in finding a grant or are aware of additional resources for our families in need.

Tips for Applying for Grants

  1. Read the criteria and requirements carefully. Find grants that help with  your family’s needs.  Applying for grants takes a lot of time.  Don’t  waste your time filling out applications for grants that you are not eligible for based on the organization’s requirements or criteria.
  2. While it is wonderful that there are a lot of grants available, this can be  very overwhelming.  Speak with your child’s therapist to see if a  particular grant might be recommended for your family.  We are often able to suggest a few grants to try applying for first based on your family’s needs.
  3. If you receive a grant, remember to follow up with a thank you letter and  pictures. Many non-profits depend on these updates to share with their  donors so that other children can be served.
  4. Don’t give up. If you are not selected for a grant, you can re-apply when the grant is offered again, apply for a different grant, ask around in local groups or set up a personal fundraiser.  There are many options for funding available, however sometimes it takes some time and persistence.

Articles & Other Resources

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