Lily's Story

Lily's mother speaks about Lily's progress in treatment at Speech Language Pathology in Motion and Lily speaks about her favorite therapy  horse, Vinnie!

Jackson's Story

Jackson's mother speaks about his progress, how Speech Language  Pathology in Motion helped him obtain a new communication system that more appropriately meets his needs (his old system is shown in this clip), and their experience with the C.A.M.P. Program. 

Thomas' Story

Thomas' mother shares their experience in feeding therapy at Speech in Motion 

Cameron's Story

Cameron's mother speaks about his progress at Speech Language Pathology in Motion in just 3 short months.

Aiden's Story

Aiden's father discusses their experience with treatment at Speech Language Pathology in Motion and  how his services have helped him at home and at school. 


Robyn, Parent

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I wanted to take this time to thank you.  Over 2 years ago, our son was diagnosed with ASD.  He had no communication skills, including receptive language.  

Over the years of various therapy and schooling, we saw some progress, but not to the level we had hoped- and then we found Speech in Motion!  Finding you was like finding the missing piece to our son's therapy.  Brody has never bonded with a therapist so quickly, nor have we seen such progress in such a short amount of time.  In just the few months you have worked with Brody, we have noticed huge progress.  

You have shown nothing but 100% dedication to your work and to our son.  Your talent and patience is remarkable.  For the first time in a long time, we feel hope.  Hope that someday we will be able to have a conversation with our son.

There are no real words that can describe our gratitude.  Thank you for all that you do!


Robyn Mandel 

Victoria, Parent

review of speech language pathology in motion, client testimonial

My son, Emerson, diagnosed with ASD, began treatment at Speech Language  Pathology in Motion at the age of 2. He absolutely loves it  and I have seen a world of improvement in multiple areas of his development.  His treatment at Speech Language Pathology in Motion has been a large driver in his progress.  Tina Rocco is a skilled, talented, wonderful and professional therapist who goes above and beyond to help Emerson develop his skills and generalize them across environments. Her dedication to the children she works with is astounding.  Due  to Speech Language Pathology in Motion, he is doing AMAZING and making  incredible progress and improvements with each and every session.  As far as Pal-O-Mine, the staff is outstanding.
The facility and trails are beautiful, truly placing him in a natural  environment of serenity and tranquility- something he rarely gets to  experience in the day to day busy chaos of life. I  have recommended Speech Language Pathology in Motion to numerous  families and wholeheartedly endorse it.  It is a one-of-a-kind speech therapy practice with unique treatment plans that are tailored specifically to each child's needs and abilities.  My family is extraordinarily grateful to have discovered Speech and Language pathology In Motion. After much research we have found this to be the very best speech therapy practice.  We are so fortunate and forever grateful to have Tina Rocco and her team helping Emerson every step of the way.

Elisa, Parent

review of speech language pathology in motion, client testimonial

My 10 year old had struggled with articulation issues from 18 months old  and has seen numerous speech therapists over the years with very limited progress made.  I decided to try Speech in Motion as a way to motivate him to improve his speech and we have seen remarkable results! Within 3 months his articulation has improved unbelievably!  People are actually telling me how much clearer he sounds and how his volume has improved! He is now using more expressive language and talking so much more because his confidence has finally kicked in! Tina  is a highly skilled, patient therapist who understands not only the physiology, but the emotional component that exists in children with speech difficulties. Her equine-centered approach has helped my son take the focus off of his  disability and learn to just relax and enjoy the ride while chatting about his day and playing games. Sometimes I think he forgets he's even having a speech session!!! I would whole heartedly recommend Tina and this approach to anyone looking for a well-balanced, effective program! 

Kyra, Graduate Student, SUNY Plattsburgh

review of speech language pathology in motion, intern testimonial

"My time at Speech in Motion was truly the fastest my life has ever moved,  and I fully understand the meaning of the saying time flies when you are  having fun.  More importantly, I think that time flies when you are  doing what you love. It is clear that Tina loves the work that she does.  It was amazing to see the difference in the client’s while they were on a horse, when the tasks and the materials were all the same as  when they were off of the horse.  I want to share what I think is one of  the most important lessons that I learned while interning at Speech in Motion.  Speech and language therapy is what the clients are receiving, the horses are a treatment tool that the Speech Language Pathologist can use to treat clients. The same way a swing or ball would be used when we are doing therapy in the office.  The horses are the treatment strategy, not the therapy; speech is the therapy.  I was blessed with an opportunity to intern at Speech in Motion in such a way that I can fully understand and appreciate the services that Tina  provides to her clients.  I was inspired by not only my supervisor, Tina Rocco, but also the families of my clients, and the clients themselves."

Melissa, Parent


"My son Tino has been receiving speech therapy with Tina Rocco of Speech in Motion for over a year now. Tino has made many improvements. The environment in which the therapy is provided is ideal for Tino. He is able to benefit from therapy while having fun, loving animals and being outside. The horse provides the necessary input that is beneficial to Tino. Tino  has a wonderful relationship with Tina and I can see that he is proud of the accomplishments he has made. I find Tina's dedication and commitment to speaking with me after each session very helpful. All of the support staff have treated my son with such sweetness and this has been nothing but a positive experience." 

Jackie, Graduate Student, SUNY Plattsburgh

review of speech language pathology in motion, intern testimonial

"I interned at Speech Language Pathology in Motion for several months and loved it!  I learned so much during my time there and really saw how beneficial  hippotherapy can be and how easy it is to transfer the same goals being worked on in the clinic to this unique setting.

I loved seeing how excited the kids were to be there and watching them  make progress during my time there. Tina really individualized each session depending on the client.  She is an amazing therapist and I aspire to be in her shoes one day!

Thank you for the amazing opportunity and for making my dreams feel attainable!"

Kathie, Sidewalker at Pal-O-Mine Equestrian

review of speech language pathology in motion, volunteer testimonial, Pal-O-mine equestrian

"For the past several years I have had the pleasure of being assigned as a  sidewalker to work with Tina Rocco as she provides speech therapy,  incorporating hippotherapy, with the horses at Pal-O-Mine.  As a retired special education teacher and assistant principal, I had for many years worked with students having varied disabilities.  Tina immediately impressed me with her expertise and above all her patience.  Her clients love the therapy sessions and usually can be seen sporting a huge smile!  Tina has also shown remarkable composure working with clients who exhibit challenging behaviors.  She has an excellent knowledge of techniques, is familiar with augmentative  communication devices and is always prepared with appropriate lessons.  It is a joy to work with Tina and her wonderful clients!

The Pappas Family, Client

review of speech language pathology in motion, client testimonial

"We brought our daughter to Speech Language Pathology in Motion for hippotherapy after she was diagnosed with ASD and speech delay, and the results we saw were amazing and immediate.  We saw progress in her language and social  skills after the first session and since then she continues to improve and grow with each visit.

We cannot give enough praise and thanks to Tina Rocco and her team.  Tina is an extremely caring, patient, fun and professional therapist, and her  sincere dedication to our child and our family is truly moving.  And every member of Tina's team displays the same characteristics and personal attention that make her such an amazing therapist and person. 

Perhaps more importantly, our little girl loves Tina and has a blast riding the  horse with her.  She is having so much fun that she doesn't even realize that she is in the middle of a speech therapy session and is actually taking huge steps in her language development while she's riding.  And that's the best way to do it.

The facility at Pal-O-Mine Equestrian compliments Tina and her team nicely.  It is a beautiful and calming environment, and very welcoming to all family members and siblings. 

I wish I could express how wonderful Speech Language Pathology in Motion  is or how much Tina and her team have meant to us.  Perhaps the only  real way is to have our little girl tell her, which I'm sure she will do  one day - thanks to their hard work and dedication."

Eddie's Mom, Client

review of speech language pathology in motion, client testimonial

"My son, “Eddie’s” face lights up as we arrive to speech therapy with Tina  Rocco at Speech Language Pathology in Motion. He usually signs “horse”  and verbalizes Tina’s name.
Eddie is an adorable and intelligent (I know I am biased) four year old  diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy and auditory neuropathy. He is hearing impaired and wears hearing aides.
We first thought of hippotherapy to work on trunk strengthening in an alternative manner.  We did not know at that time that speech therapy was possible on a horse.  Speech is Eddie’s most challenging discipline and speech therapy is hard for Eddie.  But Tina and the horse make speech FUN and the movement seems to help to encourage Eddie to speak.  His trunk is stronger too.
Eddie loves all of his therapists but has the most fun with Tina and the horse while having therapy.  Actually, he doesn’t realize it is therapy at all but I do, and my husband and I see significant progress. Tina is a  knowledgeable, dedicated and caring professional who is excited about her work and devoted to each child she works with.
We highly recommend Speech Language Pathology in Motion with Tina Rocco as an important addition to a child’s therapeutic regimen."

Joe, Parent

For the last five years Tina has been a key player in our daughters  development. The progress we've seen since my family began working with  Speech Pathology in Motion surpasses all of the other services combined—ABA, PT, OT and more. Tina gets it. She has a heart of gold, conducts herself as a professional, understands our child's needs, and has truly been a blessing to our family. Thank you.

Michele, Parent

I absolutely love how Tina interacts with my son. She is genuinely dedicated to helping all of her clients. The time and effort she puts into my son really shows her character. Her office is wonderful, it's inviting as well as multi-functional. The benefits supersede the cost.  Our family was worried about the expense of private therapy and we are  on a very tight budget.  Tina actually found me grants and I had no out of pocket expense, making this wonderful therapy possible for my son. Go check her out, you will not be disappointed. 

Anonymous, Parent

"I brought my son to Speech Language Pathology in Motion for an evaluation  following concerns about his speech and written communication in  school.  Tina was a tremendous help to us.  She provided a thorough speech and language evaluation. He was difficult to test at times, but she was patient and understanding, giving him breaks and the time he needed to complete the evaluation.  She found that he has a unique combination of abilities and struggles and with this information I now know where to focus future efforts.  While she did not recommend speech therapy at this time, following the evaluation, Tina met with me to discuss my son's strengths and  weaknesses, reviewed his IEP with me and gave me suggestions for things to request on his IEP to help him succeed in school. 

Tina understands how sensory issues can affect a child's performance  and behavior, something that is not easy to find in most therapists!  I  am so grateful to have found Tina and Speech Language Pathology in  Motion for my son's evaluation."

A's Family, Client

The C.A.M.P. Program for my son has been truly a wonderful and positive  experience.  "A" has been more engaged, initiating play with his sister  and more talkative with his family.  "A" has gained confidence and that has given him the ability to feel secure communicating and initiating at home.  We are very pleased with his progress.  The C.A.M.P. Program was  the exact program I was looking for my son, and I would highly recommend it.  I love how they focus on the kids abilities and their successes in a positive way.  It gives them an all-around experience in  arts, sports, horseback riding, and games to experience with one another and a proper support system.

Jackson's Mom, Client

This  experience is exactly what Jackson's dad and I envision for a summer  program for him.  Being outside, being with peers, being with horses,  being in the water...all while being surrounded by speech students and  therapists who can carryover skill practice and just give him a fun  experience in the sun..amazing!  For my "non-verbal, non-ambulatory boy"  to have a typical "camp week" is just incredible.  Thank you!

Maddy's mom, Client

Maddy had such a wonderful time at the C.A.M.P. Program!  We loved the  information sheets that were sent home each day.  We are so happy that  Maddy was able to attend the program during her time off from school, when  she would most likely regress.  I think her teachers will be pleasantly  surprised when she goes back to school in September.  Fabulous job  everyone!!