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Screenings & Consultations

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Low Cost Screenings are offered to our Long Island community for both individuals and groups such as schools and day care centers.  Speech and language screenings are a wonderful tool to determine if a child is developing within the “average” range when compared to other children his or her age.  Contact us for more information about individual screenings or to inquire about setting up a free screening program at your facility. 


FREE consultations are offered to those who would like to learn more about our services.  

A consultation can help determine if your child may benefit from our services.   In addition we are happy to offer second opinions, and answer questions or concerns about speech and language abilities.  Consultations may be provided by phone or at our Hauppauge, NY location.  


CAAP, PLS-5, Speech Language Pathology in Motion, evaluation

Speech and language evaluations are conducted for all new patients at Speech Language Pathology in Motion.  In addition, we offer re-evaluations as needed and Independent Education Evaluations upon request.  Speech and language evaluations are used to determine if a variety of speech and language difficulties are present.  We frequently assess the following:

  • Receptive and expressive language skills
  • Candidacy for Augmentative-Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Pragmatic language (social skills) skills
  • Articulation and Phonology
  • Motor speech skills (apraxia or dysarthria)
  • Stuttering/Fluency
  • Feeding and Swallowing
  • Reading and pre-reading skills

Speech & Language Therapy


It is important that communication is internally driven, therefore when we  target speech and language goals, we do this through activities that  are motivating and meaningful to the client.  

Speech is not just about what happens in the mouth!  With this in mind,  movement, sensory experiences and play with preferred toys and games are incorporated into our therapy sessions. We use evidence based practice and clinical reasoning when developing our treatment plans.  We are pleased to offer a number of treatment tools, strategies and approaches, as appropriate, as part of your child's treatment. 

Family involvement is encouraged and is an important component of our intervention plans.

Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy, the SOS approach, Hauppauge NY, Speech Language Pathology in Motion

We use evidence based practice and clinical reasoning when choosing feeding therapy treatment approaches.  Our feeding therapy sessions provide positive experiences and interactions with foods, encouraging clients to explore the foods in a positive and playful way. The sessions consider each client's unique learning style, sensory and motor differences and history with feeding challenges. 

Sessions focus on increasing a child's awareness and exploration of a variety  of food properties, including texture, temperature, color, smell, appearance, shape and taste.  In addition, children are taught to be comfortable with small changes being made to foods presented.  This is particularly helpful in addressing challenging feeding behaviors such as only eating one specific brand of cookie, or only eating with a specific fork.  We focus on developing a healthy, lifelong, positive relationship with food.  

Intensive Treatment Packages


 Speech Language Pathology in Motion is pleased to offer intensive treatment programs upon request.  Each intensive treatment program is individually tailored to best meet the needs of the patient.  Suggested times to consider adding intensive programs are: 

  • During a disruption in school based services (i.e. summer break) to keep your child moving forward and prevent regression of skills.  
  • During a "growth spurt" when your child seems to be acquiring new language quickly.
  • During times when your child is making slow or limited progress to give him/her a boost.

Patients who are not currently receiving therapy with us will need to complete an initial evaluation in order for us to develop a treatment plan before participating in one of our intensive programs 

The C.A.M.P. Program: Communicate, Articulate, Make Friends, Play


A week long speech and language enrichment program, offered annually in August.  

In this program, children are encouraged to Communicate, Articulate, Make Friends and Play  through interactions with animals and a number of exciting activities with peers .  Each activity is led by a  licensed speech language pathologist. 

Goals  are selected for each child and these goals are targeted throughout each activity, all week long.  Participants develop critical speech and language skills, while also having a positive summer experience. 

Enrichment Groups


We offer a variety of affordable speech, language and feeding enrichment groups:  

  • Let's Play (social skills group for children 10 and under)
  • Game night (social skills group for children 10 and older)
  • Food is Fun (feeding group for "picky eaters")
  • Sound Station (articulation group for all ages)
  • Language and laughs (language groups for children who are age 3 to 10)

Student Internships


We are proud to accept graduate level speech-language pathology students for clinical internships from local colleges and universities.  

We currently have relationships with SUNY Plattsburgh, Molloy College, Adelphi University, C.W. Post and University of Buffalo.

In addition we are pleased to offer internship opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate level speech language pathology students year round and as part of our C.A.M.P. Program.  

Educational Offerings


Therapist Mentoring Program:  Mentoring opportunities are available for licensed speech language pathologists who are looking for mentoring in the use of hippotherapy in clinical in practice.  Please inquire for more information and pricing.  

Presentations: We have presented at universities, SEPTA meetings and for other numerous organizations on topics related to speech, language and feeding development, hippotherapy, and animal assisted interventions.  Please contact us if you would like to request a presentation