Telepractice at Speech Language Pathology in Motion


What is Telepractice?

 Telepractice allows clients and therapists to connect virtually for consultations, evaluations, therapy or meetings through audio and video over the internet. Telepractice is also often referred to as telehealth, teletherapy, telespeech or telemedicine.

We are very excited to be able to offer this this option to families residing in New York State.  Telepractice helps increase access to care when coming to our physical location is not possible, reduces travel time, and reduces the risk of spreading or contracting illnesses.  Plus, Speech Language Pathology in Motion’s telepractice platform is 100% HIPAA compliant and secure.

Research supports that telepractice offers the same level of care as “in person sessions”.  Some clients are highly motivated by technology and may actually show increased participation/engagement in telepractice sessions, while for others, engaging in therapy in this format may require the support and assistance of a parent or caregiver.  

Use of telepractice can help provide continuity of care and prevent regression and disruption in treatment in times of crisis, such as those seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing treatment to continue when coming to in person sessions for an extended period of time is not possible.


How to I log in for my session?

Our telepractice platform is very easy to use.  Even those with limited "tech skills" are able to access it.  No special apps or downloads are required.  You can use the camera and audio on a computer, laptop, iPad or other mobile device.  A computer, laptop or iPad is preferred as the screens on phones are small and some of the features of our telepractice platform do not work on phones. 

Upon booking an appointment in our “virtual office”, your therapist will send you an e-mail inviting you to create a Blink Session account.  Please click “register” and fill in the requested information.  The system will then prompt you to log into your dashboard.  When you are ready to start your session, click the purple “start session” box.  

Your therapist will receive a notification that you have arrived.  If your therapist does not start the session right away please wait a few minutes as they may be finishing up with another client.  

After the 1st appointment, you can log back in for your next session by visiting  Log in with your e-mail and password and click "start session".  It is that easy.